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About Clash of Clans

  • Clash of Clans is really a freemium policy mobile game produced by Supercell, a Finnish game maker.
  • It was released for iOS platform this year as well as Android in 2013.
  • Genre: Enormous online multi-player, proper gaming.
  • Mode: multi-player/singleplayer


The gamer may be the mind of the village. Players are meant to build their unique town utilizing sources acquired by attacking other everyone in the game. The sources include gold, elixir, and DarkElixir.

Players may form their very own groups or “clans”, build ways of attack other clans and therefore take part in wars together to achieve sources, which would be employed to upgrade their very own troops, build more walls a lot sooner, and keep good efficiency by doing this.

Game play

Farmville is characterised with a quasi-single player campaign, in which the player may attack small villages to be able to earn sources.

There's two builders by evasion, however the player can include more builders capped by five by using the acquired gems.

Builders are very important hanging around, because they help upgrade structures. If all of the builders are busy in a single singular task then your player has to hang about until the builders have the freedom or complete upgradation of other structures.


They are essentially the storehouse from the sources earned by attacking other player groups.



Gems are utilized like a currency to upgrade a troop or creating a wall or perhaps to train a military. They assist boost the efficiency of upgradation and therefore provide additional time towards the player to fight rather of waiting up until the structures are upgraded.

Gems might be achieved through in-application purchases or perhaps be presented for reaching certain milestones.

These two processes are time-consuming that your very undesirable trait in gaming is.

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